We are now part of the Hybrid Athlete Foundation, the Always Open Gym Network. Our HybridAF membership holders can access our facility 24/7/365 with our secure smart phone app.  Members with this option have the flexibility to enter our facility at times convenient to their individual schedule. HybridAF members are also able to utilize other participating HybridAF affiliates during non-class times 24/7/365. 

Our HybridAF membership is a good fit for those who have odd work schedules or those who are unable to attend regularly scheduled class times. Our active military, first-responders, law enforcement officers, firefighters and other members with odd work obligations take advantage of this membersip option. HybridAF Membership is only available to CFNP Prime Members and must meet the following criteria:

  1. Members who are over age 18.
  2. Have requisite prior CrossFit experience & approval from CFNP Head Coach.
  3. Sign Open Gym Use Expectation & Standards of Conduct agreement below.

​Open Gym Use Expectations & Standards of Conduct

​CrossFit Nickel Plate (CFNP) places the highest priority on personal physical safety and safe gym operations.  As such, we expect each member to follow our Standards of Conduct & Expectations for our 24/7 Open Gym Unattended Access: 

  1. Do not bring or otherwise allow a person that is not an approved CFNP member or guest to access CFNP facility without permission of management.
  2. Do not bring or otherwise allow a person younger than 18 years of age to access CFNP facility without permission of management. 
  3. Athletes training alone in the gym should keep their HybridAF app nearby in order to use the 911 feature if required. In an emergency, press the button, which will assist you in calling 911. We are situated between CVS and Papa John. Our address is 10576 E. 96th St., Fishers IN 46037.
  4. All doors must remain closed and locked during all non-class hours. 
  5. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the gym at any time. No alcohol involved fitness activities are permitted without express permission from the owner.
  6. Only use equipment you understand how to use. 
  7. Inspect the equipment to make sure it is properly functioning prior to using the equipment. 
  8. Remove potential trip hazards from floor and return all weight to weight rack after you are finished lifting the weight. 
  9. Utilize a spotter whenever lifting heavy weight. 
  10. Stop exercising if you experience a potential injury and seek medical attention. 
  11. Inspect your surroundings to make sure equipment and weights are not obstructing your intended exercise. Wood on floor may shift due to change in weather so watch your step when moving around in the facility.
  12. Notify management and all other members using the facility if any equipment is not working properly or if you notice any potentially dangerous conditions within the facility. 
  13. Wipe down and return all equipment to its designated storage place after using.
  14. The gym is monitored 24/7 by surveillance camera. Do not touch, move, or unplug any security cameras. 
  15. Leave main facility lights on.  Be sure to take your personal items and turn off any music and speakers.
  16. Any items taken from the Pro Shop must be signed for at the time of purchase on the sheet over the water fountain. Failure to report is considered stealing and will be dealt with accordingly.
  17. Return all equipment, chalk, and/or other gym supplies to their designated storage place after using the equipment and pick up any items or trash brought into the gym or bathrooms. Failure to do so will result in the following: 
    • 1st Violation Verbal Warning
    • ​2nd Violation $25 fine immediately charged to card on file
    • 3rd Violation $50 fine immediately charged to card on file 

Additional Violations of this rule will result in additional $50 fines or will result in revocation of 24/7 HybridAF access and may result in termination of gym membership.

I understand and agree to CFNP’s Open Gym Use Expectations & Standards of Conduct